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GDLaser is the title sponsor of "2016 Senior Engineer Lithium Battery and Electric Vehicle Annual Conference"

Time:2016-12-26 Preview:0

This year-end event was held grandly at the Venus Royal Hotel in Shenzhen with the theme of "Global Vision and China Strategy: New Patterns, New Thinking, and New Trends". The conference opened on December 7 and passed through "Power and Energy Storage", "Equipment and Four special keynote speeches including "Intelligent Manufacturing", "Materials" and "Overseas" were successfully concluded with the "2016 Stech Golden Globe Award Ceremony" on the evening of December 9.


GDLaser General Manager He Lin personally attended and received the "2016 Senior Engineer Golden Globe Award"


Lu Xiaobing, technical director of GDLaser, gave a full-time speech on the theme of "Strategic Layout of "Laser + Automation" New Energy Industry"


GDLaser is the title sponsor of "Equipment and Intelligent Manufacturing Special"

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