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There is great potential in the field of power batteries and automobiles. GDLaser helps upgrade the new energy automobile industry.

Time:2017-09-26 Preview:0

Starting from 2017, my country's new energy vehicle industry has entered a period of adjustment, and what will follow will be a new round of rapid development. During this period, technological upgrading and intelligent manufacturing have become key factors in the industrial development path.

From September 25th to 26th, the 2017 Gaogong (Zhengzhou) Electric Vehicle Industry Summit Forum, hosted by Gaogong Electric Vehicles and Gaogong Lithium Battery, will be grandly opened at the Zhengzhou Hilton Hotel. More than 400 industry veterans gathered together to raise and solve problems from various perspectives such as operations, capital, car companies, electricity, and charging, and explore new opportunities and challenges in the new energy vehicle market and supply chain. . As the exclusive title sponsor of this summit, GDLaser provides a platform for the upstream and downstream industries and actively promotes the healthy development of the new energy automobile industry.


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