Cell Mid-section Equipment

Cell Assembly Line

The production line has high efficiency, 8-40PPM for square shape

The product yield is high, with a yield rate of 99.8%;

The equipment operates stably and the failure rate is low, ≤1%;

High degree of automation, enabling unmanned operation;

Provide system solutions.


High degree of automation, enabling unmanned operation

Product advantages:

Hot-melt Teflon tape is automatically replaced and maintenance-free;

The battery core hard-connected piece structure has been patented;

Multi-stage follow-up design when the battery core enters the case to avoid scratches and dust generation;

The pre-spot welding fixture has a multi-point pressing design, stepless speed regulation of pressure, and automatic compensation;

Self-developed laser welding and motion control system, welding speed closed-loop control, welding laser power following;

The first independently developed multi-curve laser welding system, the sealing sheet adopts continuous laser + sinusoidal trajectory welding method, which has high welding efficiency, maintenance-free and low energy consumption;

We have rich experience in assembly line projects and have a professional design, debugging and project management team with strong delivery capabilities and high debugging efficiency.

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