Cell Mid-section Equipment

Laser Tab Cutting Machine

In 2017, it was the first company in China to launch zero-waste edge cutting;

The cutting speed of 60m/min is the first in China with high efficiency (currently it has reached 120m/min);

Small burrs (foil ≤7μm, ceramic/dressing ≤15μm);

Small thermal influence range (foil ≤ 10 μm, ceramic ≤ 20 μm, dressing ≤ 60 μm);

A variety of dust removal and dust prevention methods to reduce dust spread;

At the leading level in the industry.


No mold opening required, low maintenance cost; zero waste edge cutting

Product advantages:

The waste-free edge laser cutting tab technology has been patented;

Static cutting fully avoids and solves the problem of high pole tab folding, and has been patented;

The special design of the beading wheel, with different shapes, increases the strength of the foil and reduces the vibration of the foil during cutting;

The laser cutting system is independently developed to achieve acceleration and deceleration power and speed energy following;

After cutting, large rollers, large wrapping angles, and a full supporting plate design are used to ensure that the high pole lug is not folded;

The CCD vision system is independently developed to achieve self-calibration and reduce detection misjudgment rates;

The whole machine adopts multi-stage dust removal, dust-producing area separation design, and key station fluid simulation to effectively control dust concentration;

The whole machine has a modular and standardized design, key structure stress analysis and calculation verification, and the equipment has high stability.

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