Cell Mid-section Equipment

Integrated Cutting & Stacking Machine

Integrated slicing/stacking reduces material transfer, compact structure, easy operation, and high cost performance;

Lamination speed 0.1-0.18s/pcs;

At the leading level in the industry.


  • Integrated slicing/lamination, compact structure, easy operation and high cost performance

  • Product advantages:

  • A single stacking platform can stack multiple pole pieces at the same time to improve stacking efficiency and has obtained multiple patents;

  • According to the different sizes of cells, the number of stacks at the same time on a single stack can be adjusted (1-N pieces), so that the efficiency of die cutting and stacking can be completely matched;

  • The lamination efficiency of a single station is 0.25-0.3s/p, and the lamination efficiency of the whole machine is 400-480ppm, which greatly improves the lamination efficiency;

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