Module PACK Line

The production line has high efficiency, 12-40PPM for square and 12-36PPM for soft packaging;

The product yield is high, with a yield rate of 99.8%;

The equipment operates stably and has low failure rate;

High degree of automation, enabling unmanned operation;

Provide system solutions.


High degree of automation, enabling unmanned operation

Product advantages:

Deeply cultivated in the module PACK line, with many years of industry experience, modular design of the production line, high stability and reliability;

Familiar with the processes of various power, blade, and energy storage module PACK lines, and has mature solutions for different processes (CMT, PET belting, steel belting, riveting, screw locking, CTP, CTC, etc.);

Unique solutions have been developed for special key workstations:

      a. Glue coating height and trajectory automatic tracking technology;

      b. Post-weld (3D, 2D) inspection of Busbar and side plate welding, and in-weld inspection technology;

      c. Battery core appearance defect detection (3D);

      d. Battery core coating defect detection (visual inspection or 3D profiling contact inspection);

Customized solutions can be designed according to customer needs.

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